The H.A. Dunne Archive

With just over 5,000 images, mostly photographed between 1880-1950, the H.A. Dunne Archive is one of the most extensive and unique vintage NYC photo collections in the world. The majority of the images were the personal collection of Hugh A. Dunne, a life-long New Yorker, who had an enduring love for his city. Hugh acquired the images in the H.A. Dunne Archive along with other ephemera over the course of his lifetime. The photographs are not by famous artists; but they are, rather, a unique collection, having been taken by unknown photographers for a variety of purposes, thereby representing the city in ways the more famous collections do not.
Hugh especially loved the simple things - New Yorkers going about their day - and he gathered many images of everyday life: tradesmen, policemen, doctors, street sweepers, mothers and children, as well as portraits of the buildings that make New York what it is, from the Chrysler Building to the Flatiron and Stock Exchange. When he passed away in 2005, his daughter Susie inherited his collections. Susie now runs the H.A. Dunne Archive with her husband Jeff.
For more information about the H.A. Dunne Archive, call 888-250-8956.